Do I Need to Take a Parenting Class in a Florida Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be difficult for adults, but for children, it can be even more devastating. As a parent, you want to make sure that you handle the issues regarding the children in a way that will be most beneficial and the least stressful for your kids. In Florida, parents who are going through a divorce must take a parenting class. The class helps parents to reduce negativity and conflict and provide a more stable life for children during this transitional period.

What Will I Learn in a Parenting Class?

Parenting classes are designed specifically for parents going through divorce in Florida. You may choose to take a class in person or you may prefer to sign up for an online class. Either one is fine, as long as the class is from an approved provider. The class will provide you with the legal process for how to resolve disputes, if they arise. The instructor will discuss the changing family dynamics during divorce and how you can give your child a stable environment. You will learn how to handle the common fears that children face at this time. In addition, you will discover the obligations and responsibilities of parents following a divorce and find out how to prevent child neglect or abuse.

A parenting class is designed to minimize conflicts and make the transition to a new family dynamic easier for kids and parents alike. Parents do not need to take the class together. You can each sign up for a class that best fits your schedule. If you were ordered to take a parenting class and did not complete one, the judge will not issue a final divorce order. You must complete the class before the divorce is finalized.

Requirements of a Parenting Class

When you go through a divorce, you must take a parenting class that is approved by the court. The Clerk of the Court, Brevard County, Florida, offers a list of Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course Providers online. The class must be at least four hours in length, but you may take a course that is longer if you prefer. Parents must pay for the course and must provide a certificate of completion to the court.

Many people will find that they learn quite a bit from the course. Even parents who have been through many life experiences may find that they will benefit from taking the class. Classes are taught by trained, skilled professionals and you will be able to get your individual questions answered. You can learn some skills that will make it easier for you and your children to work through the various stages of a divorce. The process is not going to be easy, but when you have the tools you need, you will be better able to navigate the waters. Your divorce will be easier with guidance from a compassionate family law attorney. Contact Henderson Legal Group to talk about your legal needs today.


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