What to do if You Have an Outstanding Arrest Warrant

When you find out that you have a warrant for your arrest, you may immediately begin to panic. It can be a terrifying feeling to know that the police might arrest you at any time. You certainly want to resolve the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible with as little embarrassment to you and your family. It can be extremely helpful to seek guidance from an experienced Brevard County criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Find Out the Reason and Source of the Warrant

Arrest warrants can be issued for any number of reasons and from various jurisdictions. Before you can do something about the warrant, you need to first find out where it originated and why. Then you will be able to follow the proper procedure for responding to it.

  • Failure to Appear Warrants: A warrant will be issued if you miss a required court appearance. This may be due to different types of situations including a misdemeanor arraignment from a court notice, misdemeanor arraignment from a notice to appear, a misdemeanor or felony pre-trial hearing, a misdemeanor or felony trial, violation of probation and violation of pretrial release requirements and failure to pay child support.
  • Direct File Warrants: These are warrants that are initiated due to police actions. When a criminal investigation results in sufficient probable cause, law enforcement will request an arrest warrant. The Brevard County judge will issue an arrest warrant and typically a bond amount associated with the arrest.
  • Warrants from a Different County or State: If you have an outstanding warrant from another jurisdiction, it will not be ignored. If the warrant is from another Florida county, they will monitor the arrest process, which will be conducted by local law enforcement. The local judge does not have authority to make changes to bond. When you have an outstanding warrant that was issued in another state, it can be more difficult to resolve. If the other state requests extradition it means that when you are arrested you will be returned to the other state for prosecution.

Options for Handling an Arrest Warrant

You probably do not want the police showing up at your place of work or at your home to take you into custody. You can avoid this embarrassing situation by resolving the arrest warrant on your own. This can eliminate the need to post bond for your release in some cases. You may have seen celebrities take care of their warrants in an efficient manner and wondered if they are receiving special treatment. Generally, anyone has the ability to resolve a warrant by turning themselves in. The best way to resolve an arrest warrant is with assistance from an experienced Brevard County criminal defense attorney.

One option is to arrange a specific turn-in date, time, and location. This offers a way to appear before a judge, if necessary, so the matter can be resolved immediately. You will not have to spend time in jail waiting for a hearing since the hearing will usually be the same day or the next day. Another option is to calendar a motion to withdraw the warrant. This is a request for a judge to review the matter, and you may not even need to appear.

The worst thing you can do is ignore an arrest warrant. This will only prolong the matter and make things worse. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, we can help you resolve the situation. Contact our experienced legal team at Henderson Legal Group to discuss the details of your case.


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