Was My Arrest Lawful?
If you were arrested in Brevard County, you may wonder whether the police arrested you in a lawful manner. Regardless of the reasons, being put under arrest and taken into custody creates a difficult and stressful situation. After your arrest, you may have concerns about how the police took you into custody and whether they did something wrong throughout the process. It is often best to discuss the details of your arrest with an experienced Brevard County defense attorney. The Arrest Process Generally speaking, the police must have a reason to place you under arrest. You need to understand that there is a difference between being detained and being arrested. When the police are still investigating an incident, they may detain someone in handcuffs. This is a standard procedure that police use to control people during a volatile situation. During this period of detainment, the police do not have to read you your.
Summer is the Deadliest Time on Roadways
Summer is a time of fun and enjoyment. College students are on break and families take vacations. The weekends are often times when family and friends get together for picnics and BBQs and these events often involve alcohol. The summer also has some holidays such as Independence Day and Memorial Day. The summer can mean more dangers on the roads as people get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. Summer Safe Driving Tips It is essential that you follow some safe driving tips, especially during the busy summer months. If you plan to drink, do so at home or make sure that you make arrangements for an Uber or other rideshare service. If you are going out with a group of friends, assign one as the sober driver. Do not allow a friend to get behind the wheel if they have been drinking. Remember that even a small amount of alcohol.
Can I Get a Legal Separation in Florida?
The decision to end your marriage is a big one and one that you do not want to make lightly. Some couples may want to separate for a period of time before they decide to go ahead with a divorce. In some states, you can get a legal separation as a step towards dissolving your marriage. Florida does not have a formal legal separation statute. In states that do have legal separation, judges handle a separation in a manner that is similar to divorce. The couple resolves many of the issues of a divorce at the time of the separation except that the parties stay married. Can We Live Apart? Although there is no legal mechanism for a separation in Florida, it may still be in your best interest to live apart for awhile before you decide to divorce. The law does allow for you to petition for alimonymore