What to do if You Have an Outstanding Arrest Warrant
When you find out that you have a warrant for your arrest, you may immediately begin to panic. It can be a terrifying feeling to know that the police might arrest you at any time. You certainly want to resolve the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible with as little embarrassment to you and your family. It can be extremely helpful to seek guidance from an experienced Brevard County criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Find Out the Reason and Source of the Warrant Arrest warrants can be issued for any number of reasons and from various jurisdictions. Before you can do something about the warrant, you need to first find out where it originated and why. Then you will be able to follow the proper procedure for responding to it.
  • Failure to Appear Warrants: A warrant will be issued if you miss a required court.
Can I Make Changes to My Divorce Order?
Getting through a divorce can be a difficult and exhausting process. You and your spouse need to come to agreements and compromises in order to resolve your differences and end your marriage. Once the divorce is complete, the judge provides an order that includes all of the settlement terms. Many people wonder whether they can make changes to their divorce settlement later. A change to a divorce order is called a modification. Modifications are only possible under certain circumstances. Substantial Changes A modification request for your divorce judgment will only be reviewed if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. As part of the Florida divorce process, the judge reviews a number of factors such as income, employment capabilities and the best interest of children of the parties. The most common change request is to child support. Child support is based on legal guidelines and depends on.
Can You Get a DUI on a Bicycle in Brevard County?
If you ever watch Live PD or other police reality shows, you have probably seen the police in Florida stop a bicyclist and question his or her sobriety. Generally, the police will only stop a bicycle rider if he or she is posing a danger to him or herself or others. Bike riders must obey the regular traffic laws. That being said, when the police encounter someone riding in the middle of the street, going through a stop sign, or riding at night without lights, they will usually stop that person. What Happens During a Bicycle Stop? If you are riding your bicycle the police can “pull you over.” Usually the officers just want to get an idea whether you are safe to ride the bicycle or whether you are impaired. While those who have had DUIs in their vehicles may think they are safe to ride a bike after having had a.