Palm Beach Teenager Arrested for Practicing Medicine Without a License

Malachi Love-Robinson, an 18 year old teenager from Palm Beach, was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Arrested on February 16, police allege that Love-Robinson was treating patients and holding himself out as a doctor. He was apparently treating patients for months in the medical center he was able to open through help from an investor.

According to Mr. Love-Robinson, he never put the initials MD in front of his name, and never told anybody that he went to medical school. He says his training involved shadowing doctors, and that he has done nothing wrong. Malachi Love-Robinson claims to be a natural doctor, and that he has earned a PhD already. According to his website, Love-Robinson is a “Naturopathic Physician” who is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners ( AADP ) and the American Alternative Medical Association ( AAMA ).

His Arrest

The local police ran an undercover investigation, and an officer went to Love-Robinson’s office and was examined and given medical advice. Love-Robinson was immediately arrested for practicing medicine without a license; he was also previously warned to stop doing so by the Florida Department of Health in October 2015. He allegedly told the undercover officer to take an allergy pill, and was arrested immediately.

But There is One Small Catch

Florida does not require naturopathic doctors to be licensed. Naturopathy is alternative medicine based on the healing powers of nature, which shuns traditional medicine and drugs. Naturopathic doctors prescribe lifestyle changes, herbs, and acupuncture, not pills. So if that is what he is doing, is he really breaking the law?

Florida Law on Practicing Medicine Without a License

So did Love-Robinson actually break Florida law? According to Florida law, the following acts are all punishable as third degree felonies:

(a) Practicing or attempting to practice medicine without a Florida license to practice;

(b) Using or attempting to use a suspended or revoked medical license to practice medicine;

(c) The use of a knowing misrepresentation in an attempt to obtain or in obtaining a license to practice medicine; or

(d) Attempting to obtain a position or actually obtaining a position as a medical practitioner or medical resident in a clinic or hospital by making a knowing misrepresentation of your education, training, or experience.

There are also possible misdemeanor charges that can be brought under the same statute against Florida residents like Mr. Love-Robinson, including:

(a) Knowingly concealing information relating to the unauthorized practice of medicine;

(b) Willfully making a false oath or affirmation;

(c) Referring a patient for health care goods or services to any business entity in which the referrer has an equity interest of 10 percent or without making a disclosure to the patient;

(d) Leading the public to believe that you are licensed as a medical doctor, or are engaged in the licensed practice of medicine, without holding a valid, active medical license; or

(e) Practicing medicine or attempting to practice medicine with an inactive or delinquent license.

Felony Charges

Mr. Love-Robinson is being charged with a third degree felony, and is being ordered by the Department of Health to cease and desist practicing medicine without a license. It is unclear based on the facts we know to date whether these charges will be successful, or if they will be dropped to misdemeanor charges. Even if that is the case, under the facts and circumstances it is not clear if he will be convicted, as Florida law currently does not require neuropathic doctors to have medical licenses.

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