Tips for Child Visitation During a Pandemic

The pandemic has left many people out of work and schools closed, and families are scrambling to figure out how to take care of their children. Parents need to be aware of the current rules and guidelines for coronavirus while staying within the parameters of visitation in their divorce orders. It is important to try to maintain some type of order and routine for your children, even during these uncertain times. Both parents have concerns about the health and well-being of their children, particularly when they are away from their immediate care. Here are some tips to help make visitation safe and comfortable during the pandemic.

Discuss Coronavirus Guidelines

Parents should discuss the coronavirus guidelines and come to an agreement over the rules they will put in place during this time. Both parents should be on the same page when it comes to how they handle their childcare. The same set of rules should be in place at both households so children do not have difficulty adjusting. Agree to abide by the current guidelines in place both locally and through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Restrict Kid’s Play Dates

Parents need to curtail play dates. You cannot allow your child to mingle with other kids, even close friends. Instead, think of some creative ways that your child can play right now. Allow your child some time on a tablet or phone to talk to friends online. Get some games and find items your child can use to build or make things. If your child has some homework assignments for distance learning, ensure that he or she completes the work as needed.

Establish Healthy Habits

Teach your children the proper method of washing their hands and explain the importance of good hygiene. Provide a mask for your child whenever he or she will go outdoors. Create a sanitation station at the front door where everyone can utilize antibacterial wipes and sprays. Use hand sanitizer whenever you are not near a sink where you can use soap and water. Both parents should have similar views so the children will not get confused about the differences between households.

Determine a Hand-Off Solution

Neither parent needs extra people coming and going from their homes. Establish a new method of handing off children from one parent to the other. In some instances, you may prefer to meet at a designated location and transfer the child from car to car. This option will restrict the amount of germ introduction from household to household. Keep some children’s clothing at each residence so they do not have to bring items back and forth. Launder clothing and bedding after every visit.

Be Aware of Concerns

Older individuals are more susceptible to complications from coronavirus, so it is important to keep grandparents away from grandchildren. If a household includes a grandparent, you should create isolation options so that the child is separated as much as possible, since it is possible to carry the virus without having any symptoms. If the child or any member of either home displays symptoms, quarantine immediately and do not allow the child to continue to go between homes until the illness is resolved completely.

If you are going through a divorce, it is best to establish rules for visitation as part of your agreement. An experienced Brevard County family law attorney will assist you and guide you through the process. Contact our legal team at Henderson Legal Group today for a free phone consultation.


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