Understanding Issues that Arise in a Brevard County Divorce  

According to a July 2017 investigative report on News 6, Florida’s child support enforcement agency is not doing its job to collect back child support.

A divorce is hard for both spouses. A divorce involving children can be harder for everyone involved. Parents, once married or never married, claim that Florida’s child support agency is not doing enough to collect back child support.

The news channel learned the in the 2017 fiscal year the Florida Department of Revenue Support Program collected more than $1 billion in child support. The amount collected includes both current and back child support. It boasts that its collection rate is 81.9%. However, it is still trying to collect an additional $1.2 billion.

The Florida Department of Revenue, or FDR, claimed that the child support program currently had 541,576 open cases. Brevard County represents 15,698 of those cases. Orange County has the most child support cases with 38,830. In some of the cases, the parent owing child support has more than one child for whom he or she has to pay child support.

A woman interviewed for the report said that she and her ex-husband divorced in 1996. Since that time, he allegedly has failed to pay child support for their two children. Currently, she is owed more than $140,000 with interest in back child support. The interest accrues daily.

She claims that she has been able to get FDR to seize her ex-husband’s tax returns. Her ex-husband allegedly has gone to prison for using different social security numbers to avoid paying child support.

Child support debt does not go away until it is paid. If the non-compliant parent, or parent who does not pay child support, wins the lottery, the state can take the winnings. Back child support can also be paid off with tax returns, social security, or disability claims.

Divorce Issues in Brevard County

Divorce is the permanent and legal end to a marriage. It often involves more than just ending a marriage. Issues related to a divorce that often have to be resolved are:

  • Division of property: Florida is an equitable distribution state. This does not mean property is divided 50-50. Instead, the property belongs to the spouse who owns it. The state does not have a set rule on which spouse receives what property or how much money. A divorce court judge often looks at the earning contribution of the spouses in the past and their earning potential inthe future.
  • Child custody: Child custody involves issues like making a parenting plan, shared custody, or who receives legal custody of children. The spouses have to work together to determine what is a workable plan for raising their children.
  • Child support: Florida child support guidelines utilize a formula for determining how much one parent pays to another to help raise their children. The amount is based on income and other factors like the amount of time the child lives with each parent.

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