What is a Parenting Class?

Divorce is not an easy option, and it can be particularly difficult for parents. Both parents have rights and responsibilities for their children, regardless of their marital status. Florida requires parents who are divorcing to take a parenting class. The parenting class is a helpful class that instructs you on ways to improve your parenting skills. It also helps you communicate better with the other parent so you can give your child a healthy environment following a divorce. Everyone can learn some useful tips to improve their parenting abilities.

What Does a Parenting Class Teach?

Parenting classes are created for parents who are going through divorce. There are two ways to attend a parenting class, including in person or online. Both options are acceptable if an approved provider gives the course. Since your family will have a new dynamic, it is necessary to learn how to make sure that you give your child a stable environment during and after the transition. Children face many fears during a divorce, and parents may not know how to address these concerns. The parenting course gives you the information and tools you need to assist your child during this stressful period.

At the same time, you want to understand the potential signs of abuse or neglect so you can prevent harm to your child. You will learn ways to work through difficulties and disagreements in order to establish a better result for your child. You will also find out the way to take legal steps to resolve a dispute. The parenting class will help minimize disputes and give you assistance for how to deal with problems if they should occur in the future.

Where to Complete a Parenting Course

Only an approved training course will satisfy the legal requirement. You do not need to sign up for the same course as your spouse. You can find a list of approved courses on the Brevard County Clerk of the Court website online. You will find a list of Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course Providers. The class must be at least four hours in total, but some courses are longer, if you prefer. The court requires you to obtain a certificate of completion from the course that you must provide.

A parenting class is taught by a qualified professional and you will have the ability to get answers to your own specific questions when needed. The class is the ideal way to feel more prepared when you assist your child through the divorce process. While you may not feel you need to take a parenting course, it can be extremely beneficial for you and your children. Children of all ages can feel uneasy and scared as you change your family structure. They need to feel safe and secure in knowing that they will continue to be important to both parents. A parenting class is one way to help the divorce process. It is helpful to choose a compassionate family attorney with experience to guide you through the various stages of a divorce. Contact our legal team at Henderson Legal Group for a free initial consultation.



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