Homicide cases are among the most serious charges and require an experienced, aggressive defense. We have successfully defended homicide cases from DUI/manslaughter through capital murder, and we’re ready to put our experience to work for you. At Henderson Legal Group, we are committed to working with you through every stage of your defense and we are experienced at preserving issues for appeal.

In a homicide case, we investigate the facts and circumstances of your case and gather witnesses to help bring you the best defense possible.  We will evaluate your case for all of the best defenses possible including Stand Your Ground.  You can depend on us for exceptional legal representation in your homicide case.

Henderson Legal Group reminds you that in some cases, homicide is justifiable or excusable:

  • Justifiable Homicide occurs when you are acting in self-defense. You are legally entitled to use deadly force when you are resisting an attempted murder or someone is trying to commit a felony upon you. Homicide is also justifiable with deadly force when it occurs in a dwelling that you inhabit at the time.
  • Excusable Homicide occurs when a killing happens by accident when you were using ordinary caution, in the heat of passion with sufficient provocation, and the homicide was the result of sudden combat.

While homicide cases are among the most serious, at Henderson Legal Group we understand that the facts of the case deserve thorough investigation and that you are entitled to vigorous defense.

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