Juvenile Offenses


Any crime committed by a person under the age of 18 can result in an arrest, charge, and proceedings through the juvenile criminal court process.  Often, juvenile crimes involve underage drinking, theft, violence, and violation of probation. Florida law focuses on rehabilitating rather than punishing juveniles, and oftentimes prosecution alternatives are available.

At Henderson Legal Group, we know that young people make mistakes and that the impact is stressful on the entire family. We focus on defense that minimizes long-term consequences so that juveniles learn to abide by the law and can move forward with plans for future success. We are especially interested in record sealing an expungement for juveniles, who may still need clean records for job searches, college admissions applications, or military recruitment possibilities.

If your child is facing a criminal charge, we are focused on protecting their future and protecting your peace of mind with thorough and vigorous criminal defense.

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