Sex Offenses


Florida sex crime charges are a serious matter with serious legal consequences. Our commitment at Henderson Legal Group is to treat you with dignity during your aggressive defense. We are experienced in mitigating penalties with the best desirable outcomes for you. We understand that sex crimes often carry a stigma that can tarnish your reputation, and our defense considers the entire picture: defending you against criminal charges and enabling you to put your life back together.

Our goal at Henderson Legal Group is to call attention to inadequate evidence, to refute charges, to defend against false allegations, and explore possible alibis. We are experienced in defending clients faced with charges including:

  • Exploitation
  • Failure to register
  • Indecent exposure, lewd conduct
  • Pandering, prostitution
  • Rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual battery, sodomy
  • Spousal abuse, spousal rape
  • Child abuse, child enticement, child molestation, child pornography
  • Date rape, statutory rape

We are experienced with Florida sex offender registration and charges related to failure to register. We know how serious penalties can be, so we work to keep you informed and we represent you vigorously throughout the process.

Maximum penalties for sex crimes can be severe, and the Henderson Legal Group works to ensure that you have adequate representation that investigates the client’s charges, analyzes the evidence, presents forensic and psychological evidence where possible, and stands prepared to appeal any sex crime conviction. The stigma associated with sex crimes can be damaging, and we work to minimize legal and personal damage as much as possible.

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