Child Custody


During your divorce proceedings or following a paternity action, one issue that will be determined is child custody arrangements. Child custody cases can happen any time when multiple parties have an interest in a child’s care. Henderson Legal Group has handled complex child custody cases and facilitated a variety of child custody solutions.

In the case of child custody and time-sharing arrangements when the parents have never been married, fathers must begin with a paternity action establish parental rights. This is the beginning of the process for father to establish child custody and time-sharing arrangements. The result of a paternity action is a Final Judgement of Paternity, which ensures that the court will recognize a father’s rights in considering custody and other arrangements.

A multitude of factors influence child custody cases, and Henderson Legal Group is prepared to help you reach a solution for your family’s needs. In the case that your custody decisions need revision, we are equipped to file new custody agreements and initiate new child custody proceedings.

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