Child Support


The Florida court system views child support as a child’s right and focuses on the best interest of the child in determining payment arrangements. Sometimes, a child support case is initiated by the Department of Revenue when the mother receives financial assistance (Medicaid, WIC, or food stamps) and the state serves a father with papers to enforce a child support order. If you’ve been served with papers regarding child support enforcement initiated by the state, we can help.

While the state follows calculation guidelines based on the amount of money that each parent earns and the number of children, variations occur based on:

  • How much time each parents spends with the child
  • Income levels for each parent
  • Health insurance costs
  • Child care/Daycare costs

Each parent is responsible for a portion of the cost of raising the child in proportion to their income and time spent caring for the child. Using this information, courts determine a schedule of payment that one parent will pay to the other.

Adjustments are made for time-sharing. The more overnight time a child spends with a parent, the more child support payments are adjusted down. Even when time-sharing is split 50/50, however, there will likely be a child support payment scheduled because parent’s incomes are rarely equal.

If a child requires daycare due to a parent’s employment, job search, or education, those costs are added into the child support payment schedule. The same is true for health insurance costs and medical, dental, and prescription medication costs.

Additional adjustments can be made based on high medical expenses due to a condition, special needs, a child’s age, or even income that varies during seasonal times of the year. Each child support arrangement reflects the family’s total financial picture, and Henderson Legal Group is experienced in advocating for our clients to ensure a fair arrangement.

We seek to uncover hidden financial assets and we stand ready to prepare and file motions if you believe your child support arrangement should be modified.

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