Contempt cases can arise any time a party does not abide by the details of a court order. Whether a party fails to obey the details of a time sharing arrangement, a child support agreement, or an alimony payment schedule, a contempt case can result. Contempt can happen any time one party veers from instructions given specifically by the court, whether in terms of child drop-off exchanges or time sharing agreements or details pertaining to shared parental responsibility.

The Henderson Legal Group is experienced in both contempt enforcement and in filing contempt motions and we always advocate for the interest of our clients. Whether you’re having trouble with a party failing to abide by court ordered instructions or you’re facing accusations of contempt, we are able to help facilitate a solution.

Contempt cases are important for a number of reasons. If you are facing contempt charges, we will help you file timely legal action to respond and to avoid building a history of contempt in your file. Such a history can be damaging when it comes to reevaluation child sharing agreements or evidence of shared parental responsibility. Contempt charges can also have a financial impact, as the party found in contempt will often have to cover legal fees for both parties.

In addition to other types of contempt, failure to pay child support or alimony can result in a family law contempt case. Henderson Legal Group is prepared to defend clients in these cases by presenting the facts as to why payments have not been made and presenting solutions that will allow clients to preserve their freedom. Non-payment of child support or alimony is a serious matter than can lead to jail time. If you are ordered into police custody for non-payment, the Henderson Legal Group will work to determine a workable purge amount that will allow you to resume work and your lifestyle.

There are, of course, legitimate reasons for non-payment of child support and alimony. If your income has decreased, we can file motions to have your child support or alimony payments temporarily or permanently reduced or abated.

Whether you need Henderson Legal Group to help enforce your court orders by filing contempt charges or you’re seeking representation to respond to contempt charges, we stand ready to handle your case with compassion and aggressive representation.

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