Henderson Legal Group is skilled at all aspects of family law, including divorce proceedings. We realize that divorce is a difficult decision for any family and we work to ensure that we reach long-term solutions that serve your family’s best interest. We are committed to advocating aggressively for our clients at every stage of the divorce process.

We work with both men and women concerning children, property rights, alimony, and child support during divorce proceedings. To advocate for you, we closely review your family’s finances, businesses, assets, children’s needs, and standard of living. We work to determine equitable distribution of property, pensions, 401k and retirement accounts. Whether your divorce is collaborative or contested, whether the division of property is contentious or cooperative, Henderson Legal Group will help you determine the best pathway forward.

At Henderson Legal Group we focus on the well-being of your family and your long-term goals. Our goal is to provide you the best possible outcome and through vigorous advocacy and attention to your family’s needs.

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