Resolving Parenting Conflicts in Divorce

Divorce is never easy, especially when you have children. Children can certainly be the source of conflicts because often parents do not have compatible parenting styles. Conflicts can cause stress, not only for parents, but also for the children. It is best to try to work through issues before they escalate. Here are some tips for reducing parental conflict.

Create a Detailed Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is designed to provide you and your former spouse with a guideline for child custody and visitation. It is best to make the plan as detailed as possible to make it a valuable tool that will reduce the incidence of disputes. Consider the exact arrangements for children during holidays and summer vacations. The plan should also include options for resolving disagreements in the future.

Establish Open Communication

While communication with your spouse may not have been your strong suit, it can be instrumental in making co-parenting work. Remember that to be successful as parents you need to be able to discuss issues that involve the children. Set up a schedule to talk to your ex about the children. Create guidelines for conversations and keep in mind that you should not use the time to talk about your marital discord. Good communication will ensure that both parents continue to stay involved in the lives of their children.

Attend a Parenting Class

Florida law requires you to take a parenting class as part of the divorce process. Take the course seriously and you may be able to apply some of the concepts in your own situation. The class will give you insight into how to co-parent after a divorce. Try to respond more effectively to your former spouse and determine the important issues regarding the children so you can make sure that you prioritize them. Even experienced individuals can learn from a parenting class.

Keep Children Out of It

Children are already trying to adjust to a new family dynamic, so it is best to keep them out of your arguments. Don’t communicate through the children and don’t discuss issues with the kids. Your children will do best when they aren’t involved in the arguments and don’t feel that they are forced to choose a side. At the same time, avoid making negative comments about your former spouse in front of the children. The kids love both of their parents and don’t need the pressure of being part of adult discussions and disputes. Bear in mind that children may try to play parents against each other, so you still need to present a united front as much as possible.

Sometimes conflicts arise that are not easy to resolve. If you have a dispute that you can’t quickly settle, it may be time to seek legal help. If you need to modify your parenting plan or if you must make changes to your child support, you must do so through the court system. Contact our experienced attorneys at Henderson Legal Group to assist you with all your pre and post divorce needs.