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What is Parental Time-Sharing?
The decision for married parents to end their marriage is never an easy one. Both parents have likely played major roles in their child’s life and changes are imminent. In Florida, both parents are expected to continue to be part of their child’s life following a divorce. Generally, both parents have equal responsibility for their child’s safety and well-being. Children should spend time with both parents. Parental time-sharing is a term that has replaced the word “custody.” In the past, custody was awarded to one parent in a divorce, while the other had visitation rights. Parental Time-Sharing Today, the courts recognize that both parents share equal responsibility for their children and both need to spend time with their kids. Time-sharing is an arrangement that provides a schedule that parents follow for spending time with their children following a divorce. This arrangement is also sometimes called joint parenting or.
Can I Relocate With My Child After a Divorce?
Going through a divorce is a challenging experience for everyone in the family. Following a divorce, you may consider making some life changes. One of the changes may be to move out of the area. You may want to take a job in another city, or you might prefer to move closer to your family. If you have shared parenting of your children, picking up and moving is not always easy. You will need to get approval from the other parent and/or the court if you want to relocate with your child. What is Relocation? When you simply want to move across town, you will not need permission from the courts or from the other parent. However, if you want to move further than 50 miles away, Florida statutes consider it relocation. Relocation applies when a parent will move further away than 50 miles and plans to stay.
The Consequences of Violating Court-Ordered Parenting Time
Most parents are able to put aside their differences and adhere to a parenting plan and child custody arrangements approved by a court. This civility benefits the child and allows parents to maintain contact in the long term with the aim of reducing the likelihood for conflict. However, not all parents are this cooperative. There are situations in which parents have valid concerns motivating them to ignore the terms of a parenting plan, but there are also instances in which parents violate the parenting plan for personal reasons that usually relate to a desire to hurt their former spouse or partner. An alleged abduction by a mother in Miami recently triggered a statewide Amber Alert after the child was taken from a court-appointed guardian. The mother planned to take the child to Mexico, but was discovered with the child in Texas.