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Are No-Knock Search Warrants Legal?
When the police have information about a crime, they can seek to obtain a search warrant to enter a person’s home or place of business to obtain evidence in the case. A judge must approve a search warrant in most instances, so law enforcement may not simply enter someone’s home without approval. In some cases, the police may be allowed to enter the premises without having to announce their presence or knock at the door. What is a “No-Knock” Search Warrant? A typical search warrant allows law enforcement officers to search someone’s premises using what is called the knock and announce rule. A “no-knock” search warrant authorizes police to enter the premises without knocking or announcing their presence. The police may use a no-knock search warrant in instances in which the announcement could lead to the destruction of evidence or where the safety of the police is in.
Palm Beach Teenager Arrested for Practicing Medicine Without a License
Malachi Love-Robinson, an 18 year old teenager from Palm Beach, was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Arrested on February 16, police allege that Love-Robinson was treating patients and holding himself out as a doctor. He was apparently treating patients for months in the medical center he was able to open through help from an investor. According to Mr. Love-Robinson, he never put the initials MD in front of his name, and never told anybody that he went to medical school. He says his training involved shadowing doctors, and that he has done nothing wrong. Malachi Love-Robinson claims to be a natural doctor, and that he has earned a PhD already. According to his website, Love-Robinson is a “Naturopathic Physician” who is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners ( AADP ) and the more