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Can I Relocate With My Child After a Divorce?
Going through a divorce is a challenging experience for everyone in the family. Following a divorce, you may consider making some life changes. One of the changes may be to move out of the area. You may want to take a job in another city, or you might prefer to move closer to your family. If you have shared parenting of your children, picking up and moving is not always easy. You will need to get approval from the other parent and/or the court if you want to relocate with your child. What is Relocation? When you simply want to move across town, you will not need permission from the courts or from the other parent. However, if you want to move further than 50 miles away, Florida statutes consider it relocation. Relocation applies when a parent will move further away than 50 miles and plans to stay.
Can I Get an Annulment Instead of a Divorce?
Many couples wonder whether they should seek to terminate their marriage with a divorce or whether they should try to annul their union. There are a number of things to consider when making this important decision. It is helpful to understand the divorce and annulment processes so you can make the right choice. Most often, annulments are associated with marriages of short duration. If you have been married a long time, an annulment is likely not an option. Short-Term Marriages When you walk down the aisle, you assume that your marriage will be forever. Unfortunately, there are some couples who find out relatively quickly that marriage was a mistake. Some celebrities have had extremely short marriages. For example, Britney Spears was married to Jason Alexander for just 55 hours before they called it quits. They were granted an annulment. Mario Lopez was married to Ali Landry for two weeks before she found out.
Who Keeps the House in a Divorce?
You have worked hard for your home and it is likely the largest and most important asset you have. It is no wonder that many couples disagree about how to handle the splitting of the marital home in a divorce. The resolution is not always simple. There are generally two main options when it comes to the marital home. One party may keep the home by buying out the other’s portion or the couple may continue to own the home together. Factors to Consider There are a number of factors to consider when you decide how to handle the marital home in a divorce. First and foremost, you will want to know the current market value of the home. You can get a rough idea of your home’s value by searching online for the price that similar homes sold for recently in your neighborhood. However, to get the best and most accurate figure you may.