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Do I Have to Comply With Field Sobriety Tests?
Getting pulled over by the police is something that can make anyone nervous and scared. When the officer thinks you could be intoxicated, the entire traffic stop goes to a new level. The officer will likely ask you to step out of your vehicle and will begin to assess you for signs of impairment. The first step in the assessment is to have the driver perform field sobriety tests. These tests are designed to provide the officer with a determination as to whether to proceed with further DUI testing. What are Field Sobriety Tests? Field sobriety tests, FSTs, are utilized by police officers as a tool to help them determine whether a driver might be driving under the influence, or DUI. Officers receive training to administer the tests. The tests are only utilized for suspected drunk driving, not for suspected drug impairment. FSTs are guidelines that police use to decide whether they have.
Do I Have to Consent to DUI Field Sobriety Tests?
If you are stopped by the police, they may suspect that you are driving while impaired. If so, the officer may ask you to step out of your vehicle and perform some field sobriety tests. Many people see these types of tests on television and wonder whether they are compelled to comply with these requests. The short answer is no. You are not required by law to perform field sobriety tests, however, that will not stop the police from taking further action against you. What are Field Sobriety Tests? Field sobriety tests, FSTs, are a variety of tests that are designed to provide law enforcement with information about possible impairment. The tests are universally used by police agencies across the country and in Brevard County. FSTs are largely subjective, although they are rooted in scientific principles. It is helpful to understand the three standardized FSTs that you may.