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Do I Have to Comply With Field Sobriety Tests?
Getting pulled over by the police is something that can make anyone nervous and scared. When the officer thinks you could be intoxicated, the entire traffic stop goes to a new level. The officer will likely ask you to step out of your vehicle and will begin to assess you for signs of impairment. The first step in the assessment is to have the driver perform field sobriety tests. These tests are designed to provide the officer with a determination as to whether to proceed with further DUI testing. What are Field Sobriety Tests? Field sobriety tests, FSTs, are utilized by police officers as a tool to help them determine whether a driver might be driving under the influence, or DUI. Officers receive training to administer the tests. The tests are only utilized for suspected drunk driving, not for suspected drug impairment. FSTs are guidelines that police use to decide whether they have.
Summer is the Deadliest Time on Roadways
Summer is a time of fun and enjoyment. College students are on break and families take vacations. The weekends are often times when family and friends get together for picnics and BBQs and these events often involve alcohol. The summer also has some holidays such as Independence Day and Memorial Day. The summer can mean more dangers on the roads as people get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. Summer Safe Driving Tips It is essential that you follow some safe driving tips, especially during the busy summer months. If you plan to drink, do so at home or make sure that you make arrangements for an Uber or other rideshare service. If you are going out with a group of friends, assign one as the sober driver. Do not allow a friend to get behind the wheel if they have been drinking. Remember that even a small amount of alcohol.
Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Florida?
You have probably seen or heard about DUI checkpoints. These are also known as sobriety checkpoints and are conducted by law enforcement in order to locate DUI offenders. These checkpoints are often located near bars and restaurants and take place during the late evening and early morning hours. Often, they are set up on holiday weekends when there could be a higher potential for drunk driving. Many people wonder whether these checkpoints are legal and whether they need to stop for them. DUI Checkpoints in Florida It may seem to some people that having to stop at a sobriety checkpoint is an infringement on their legal rights. However, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that these sobriety checkpoints are generally legal and do not violate your constitutional rights. Although the law does not require states to participate in DUI checkpoints, Florida has decided to continue with them. Only a.