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Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?
You have probably heard about prenuptial agreements, especially among wealthy celebrities. Most people avoid dealing with a prenup because it has a negative connotation. You may feel that a prenup presumes that your relationship will end in divorce. However, it is actually an insurance protection against problems in the event the marriage does not last. Anyone who has money, property or any other assets can benefit from a prenuptial agreement. If you are considering a prenup, it is best to have it drawn up and executed by an experienced attorney. What Should I Include in a Prenup? A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that provides for how assets must be divided in the event of a divorce. The prenup may take into account your current assets as well as future assets. The most important thing to include in a prenup is the home or property. If one.
Is a Prenuptial Agreement Enforceable in Brevard County?
If you are planning your wedding, the last thing on your mind is what to do with your assets if the marriage does not work out. Yet, a prenuptial agreement can save a lot of turmoil and animosity later, if you decide to end your union. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that outlines how the couple’s assets will be distributed in a divorce. It may also provide guidance on issues such as spousal support. Do We Need a Prenuptial Agreement? A prenuptial agreement is not a necessity and it is not a prerequisite to tying the knot. In Florida, as in most places, property and assets that are obtained after the marriage are considered marital property and are to be distributed equitably in a divorce. Property and other assets that you owned prior to the wedding are typically yours alone, possibly even after a divorce. So what is the purpose of.