Three Degrees of Burglary in Brevard County
According to a July 2017 Florida Today article, an alleged burglar was caught on video after breaking into a detective’s Palm Bay home. The alleged burglary was caught on a security video system the police officer had installed in his home. The officer alerted police immediately. The alleged burglar was then found in a portable toilet near the home. The 25-year-old man was charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, possession of stolen goods, grand theft, and criminal mischief. The man was on probation at the time of his arrest, so he is also facing a probation violation. At the time of report, he was being held at the Brevard County jail without bail. According to police, the man went into the officer’s home around 8 p.m. on a Sunday. The officer, who was out of state at the time, contacted Palm Bay police. After.
Understanding Issues that Arise in a Brevard County Divorce  
According to a July 2017 investigative report on News 6, Florida’s child support enforcement agency is not doing its job to collect back child support. A divorce is hard for both spouses. A divorce involving children can be harder for everyone involved. Parents, once married or never married, claim that Florida’s child support agency is not doing enough to collect back child support. The news channel learned the in the 2017 fiscal year the Florida Department of Revenue Support Program collected more than $1 billion in child support. The amount collected includes both current and back child support. It boasts that its collection rate is 81.9%. However, it is still trying to collect an additional $1.2 billion. The Florida Department of Revenue, or FDR, claimed that the child support program currently had 541,576 open cases. Brevard County represents 15,698 of those cases. Orange County has.
Second-Degree Murder in Brevard County
According to an August 2017 report on WTVR, the father of a murdered woman forgives the man who allegedly killed his daughter in Charlottesville. The Brevard County man said he forgave the man accused of killing his daughter at the Unite the Right rally. The accused, from Ohio, allegedly drove his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters. The father said he learned about his daughter’s death when her mother called him. He called the 20-year-old man stupid. He said he forgives the man because he is the one who has to live with the consequences of taking someone’s life for the rest of his life. The man was charged with second-degree murder in Charlottesville. The case has not yet been resolved. What is First-Degree Murder in Brevard County? First degree murder is homicide with malice. Homicide is the killing of a human being. It is.